Optimise product prices the smart way
Using Artificial Intelligence, Profisy combines purchase history with macroeconomic sources for inflation and market dynamics to generate bespoke B2B pricing reports
Tarsus partners with Smartxpo to deploy new Profisy pricing engine
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89% of all products are underpriced by at least 3.5%
We all think we know our customers and how they will react if we change our prices. Still, the evidence suggests that we consistently underestimate the value and importance our customers place on our products and their capacity to pay more.
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How does Profisy work?
It’s a pricing engine that focuses exclusively on identifying the right price level for your products
Macroeconomic conditions
Integrates past, current, forecast market growth and inflation influences
Customer purchase history
Discovers how customers respond to price changes, detects pricing power and optimises prices
Competitive insights
Calibrates with your competitor prices and capability
A comprehensive analysis of every product
A multidimensional approach to understanding pricing power
Receive optimised prices and track product metrics
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Measure the impact of new prices
Review historic product price, volume, revenue and retention for the last 5 years
Understand the product demand trend
Analyse products are purchased together
Learn which products are linked and often purchased together to support additional product and packaging opportunities
$1.1 Billion +
Customer revenue
Brands priced
Customer transactions analysed
Total products priced
Press release
Tarsus partners with Smartxpo to deploy new Profisy pricing engine
Global B2B events organiser Tarsus is partnering with event software specialists Smartxpo to deploy a new pricing and customer retention engine (named Profisy). Powered by Artificial Intelligence, and combined with market, GDP and inflation rates, Profisy is designed to give Tarsus access to real-time recommendations on optimal prices across all physical and digital products.
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What do our customers have to say?
A lot is going on in our business, but Profisy was able to execute quickly and highlight thought-provoking opportunities. In a high-inflation environment, pricing is complicated, and Profisy has helped reassure us that we are not going to overburden our clients.
Lee Campbell
CEO at CubeLogic
We are investing heavily to ensure that our shows provide a safe and effective launchpad for our clients to do business, but we are conscious of the need to make sure they remain affordable in tough economic times. The Profisy pricing engine allowed us to take the uncertainty out of this delicate process, and put in place data-driven prices that are appropriate for each industry through this vital recovery period.
Mary Larkin
President of Diversified Communications
We wanted a quick and objective analysis of our pricing and Profisy did just that. It gave us a fact-driven assessment of the current position and provided us with a clear baseline for future decision-making.
Wayne Giddens
CFO at Solidatus

What is in the report?

  • Optimised prices for every product in your brand
  • Analysis of drivers of pricing power, for up to 5 years
  • The trend in demand for every product
  • The impact of price changes on customers
  • Analysis of products purchased together
  • Growth and inflation forecasts for your sector and region
  • Summary of optimised brand performance
  • Overview of all optimised brands

What is required?

  • CSV file with a minimum of 2 years of sales transactions
  • Basic information about your brand